Why LED?

LED light fixtures:

  • Have an exceptional life span of 10 to 15 or more years, as opposed to the conventional high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures which typically burn-out after 3 to 5 years. This benefit alone reduces the manpower and equipment maintenance costs associated with bulb replacement.
  • Use up to 60 percent less energy to produce light than HID fixtures.
  • Contain no mercury or other hazardous materials (compared to traditional sources that present potentially hazardous disposal and environmental issues). This benefit provides further savings by eliminating the costs involved with proper disposal methods mandated by the government.
  • Are virtually maintenance free and provide a higher quality of light than HIDs.
    • Instant re-strike and dimming
    • Lower LPD (better utilization of less light)
    • Less light trespass with reduced shielding
    • No uplight; improved visual acuity
    • Smoother visual transition due to uniformity
    • Better vertical illumination
  • Comply with IESNA and International Dark Sky Association guidelines by directing light into target areas, without spilling onto neighboring properties or into the night sky.
  • Federal or State grants, tax incentives, and utility rebates may be available to subsidize the installation of LED lighting.